Our Mission

Our Mission

Empowering generations of Dallas mothers through education, relief, and recovery services.

For new single mothers, there is no clear path from a life of scarcity to one of sustainability. ilooklikeLOVE believes empowered mothers are the driving force behind a stable home and the foundation of their child’s success. Since 2015, we have served Dallas by providing education, relief, and recovery services to those mothers most in need.

Our Position

The Path to a Sustainable Future

ilooklikeLOVE positions itself as the bridge between a healthy birth and a more stable life for mothers and their babies. We ensure that both mother and baby have the support and resources needed for stability, improvement, and growth.

Partners who focus on pre-birth healthcare and pregnancy education

Partners who focus on workforce education and career skills

Our Values


Guides Us

As a woman-founded organization, our values ensure no mother in need feels ignored, as their stability creates stability for generations to come.


We operate as an ongoing resource for love and kindness for the disenfranchised.


We hear, acknowledge, and affirm the voices and concerns of the marginalized.


We provide qualitative and relevant support that produces transformative outcomes.


We provide resources that prepare mothers for a successful journey through  motherhood.


We serve the diverse members of our communities in an equitable, inclusive, and non-judgemental way.


We develop self-worth and teach resilience to mothers that helps them overcome challenges.