What We provide

Pre and Postnatal Education for First-Time Single Mothers in Dallas

For a first-time single mother, the idea of providing a secure and sustainable life for them and their child often feels out of reach. There are more questions than answers and less support than one might think. Our EmpowerU program ensures you begin this journey surrounded by a cohort of mothers like you and supported by experts who can guide your success.

How it Works

Guided Education and Recovery

Participation in EmpowerU requires a commitment from each mother. You will undergo a selection process to ensure you live in Dallas, are a first-time single mother, and get paired with a “mommy mentor” (someone who has navigated a similar situation) who will work with you throughout the program.

You’ll develop an individual Birthing Plan to prepare to manage resources, time, and childcare, then develop a Funding Plan to ensure you have an income stream for future growth.

During this time, you’ll continue to refine your plans with your cohort of five to ten mothers and your mommy mentors, creating a sense of empowered community.

You’ll present your plans to your cohort and mommy mentors to graduate. Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive a $300 starter kit for when you get home from delivery!

Since 2015

We Have Helped Over 300 Mothers Achieve Lasting Recovery

When it comes to success, it’s best we let the record speak for itself. See some of our recent EmpowerU alumni. By donating to ilooklikeLOVE, you have the opportunity to support more mothers on the path toward sustainability.

When it comes to success, it’s best we let our mothers speak for themselves. See what some of our EmpowerU alumni say about their growth through the program.

Watch their stories

Wendy Floyd

Graduated Summer 2023

Wendy came to us in 2023 wanting to learn more about how to budget and save for her young family. She graduated from the EmpowerU Money Camp this summer. We’re so excited to join in her journey towards building a brighter future for her and baby!

Zariah Brown

Graduated Summer 2023

Zariah, a first-time mom, always wanted to learn more about how to save. Now, as a recent graduate from our EmpowerU Program for Single Mothers, she has the tools and knowledge to build a more sustainable future.


Your Path to a Sustainable Future

ilooklikeLOVE positions itself as the bridge between a healthy birth and a more stable life for mothers and their babies. We ensure that both mother and baby have the support and resources needed for stability, improvement, and growth.

Partners who focus on pre-birth healthcare and pregnancy education

Partners who focus on workforce education and career skills


You Have Questions. We have answers.

Questions about beginning your journey through the EmpowerU program? Some of our most common questions and answers are here but don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly via phone or email.

Phase One of EmpowerU is focused on Baby-Prep and is about eight weeks long. 

Once a graduate has a healthy delivery and receives their $300 gift, they can continue into Phase Two, which is nine months and focused on workforce development for the mother and Pre-K prep for the baby. Graduates from Phase Two receive a $500 savings fund for their baby, along with educational toys!

Participation is free for mothers in need.

Any first-time single mother in Dallas can apply to join EmpowerU and will be accepted if all application requirements are met.

Beyond the knowledge, community, and empowerment, both mother and baby receive special gifts upon graduation from Phase One and Phase Two.