Our Philosophy

By providing access to well-baby resources, opportunities for self-sufficiency, and single-mother mentoring, ilooklikeLOVE fosters a commitment to financial and personal sustainability that promotes the physical well-being of the child, personal well-being of the parent, and financial well-being of the household. As we connect and guide young families through our generational approach, we also impact Dallas' most vulnerable citizens - infants and toddlers.

Our Strategy

Our approach promotes healthy babies and empowered parents while building a sense of trust with the mothers. With up to 12% of a low income family's expenses going towards diapers, 1 in 3 mothers struggle to provide diapers in America, creating a reality where families sometimes have to choose between essentials like food and diapers. By relieving some of the stress that comes when diapers are limited, we demonstrate not only a love for the child, but a love for the parent. This reinforces the importance of maintaining a healthy child. It also builds a relationship with the mother that gives opportunity for ilooklikeLOVE to connect her with programs that support sustainability.

Phillipa Williams


“Why ilooklikeLOVE?” 

A product of the Dallas community, Founder Phillipa Williams was impassioned by the kindness shown to her as a young single mother during times of financial challenge. While raising her young son years ago, acts of love from loved ones and even strangers in the community not only allowed her to rebound, but instilled a sense of hope and a desire to pass the power of love on to other women in general, and young mothers in particular. As a result, she developed a grass-roots effort to address the
realities of childhood poverty called “ilooklikeLOVE.”

Phillipa’s experience is extensive in operations and faith-based leadership. Armed with over 30 years’ experience in service to the community as a leader, trainer, strategist, mentor, and teacher, she transitioned in 2015 with the birth of ilooklikeLOVE.

Through ilooklikeLOVE, Phillipa continues her work inspiring women to embrace their identity, cultivate their authenticity, and build personal strategies towards personal and financial sustainability.